Thursday, 1 November 2018

Stack em!!!

Aaahhh!!! Are you terrified with heights? Well I am. The scariest activity in camp was Stack ‘em. You guys might be wondering what the heck is Stack em? Well, it’s a depressing game for me. In Stack‘em there are 13 huge egg containers and you have to climb on them.I was wobbling so much that I looked like a shaky old lady trying to get her walking stick. It was almost like I was in high heels. I felt like I was falling off a humongous cliff but I was just on the third block. Holy cow, my legs were shaking. I felt like a dancing monkey.

After what seemed like a million centuries, I made it to the top of the world like a wiggly worm.

Then I started dancing like a psychopath. I am a psychopath but this is just another level. I loved it when I was on the top. Now time to jump. People say that the falling part was extremely fun.But I didn’t trust them because they were screaming as well. I did not care about anyone's comment. I just jumped and landed on the floor with a painful back.This was like a human cruelty game and my partner, yeah I can’t forget that kabuki. He literally said “Meesum, if you fall, then I’ll have a partner who lost.” If you ever get a partner like that, it’s just suicide.

This piece of writing was about Stack em' In this writing I shared
my feeling about Stack em.

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